Приказ резултата 36-55 од 2097

      A Brief Survey of the Fight Against Corruption in the Russian and Ottoman Empire in the First Half of the 19th Century [1]
      A felirat és az eljövendő Egyetemes [1]
      A lájkoló ész kritikája [1]
      A Left „Theocracy": The Church and the State in Revolutionary Nicaragua [1]
      A mindennapi én Descartes filozófiájában [1]
      A Passage to Europe: Serbia and the Refugee Crisis [1]
      A passion for justice: Emotions and the origin of the social contract [1]
      A Philosophical Approach to the “Religion – National Mythology” Synthesis [1]
      A Philosophical Investigation of the Concept of Memory and the Possibility of 'Collective Memory' [1]
      A Pragmatic Critique of the Conception of Everyday Praxis Within Jeffrey Alexander’s Cultural Sociology [1]
      A Question Mark over Education: Introduction into the Aporias of Contemporary Educational Theory and Praxis [1]
      A Socio-anthropological Analysis of Deficits of Transition Process in Serbia (2005–2006) and Possibilities for elaborating Alternative Projects [1]
      A Strategy Based on Doubt: Russia Courts Southeast Europe [1]
      A sympathy-driven diplomatic ethics [1]
      A szuverenitás és annak határai – Jean Bodin esete [1]
      About the rights with which we are born / The radical natural law and the social justice from K. Marx up to neoliberalism [1]
      Abschied vom „ewigen Frieden"? Neue Kriege und ihre Herausforderungen für Moral und Recht [1]
      Acting together: the art of collective improvisation in theatre and politics [1]
      Activism and Capitalism: On the Forms of Engagement [1]
      Adornova kritika filozofije subjekta : magistarska teza [1]