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      13th International Conference on Philosophical Practice : Philosophical Practice as a Profession and a New Paradigm in Philosophy, 15 – 18 August, Belgrade, 2014 [1]
      15 Theses on Power [1]
      21. dani Frane Petrića. Glavna tema: Ideja sveučilišta [1]
      [Andreas Luckner „Wie es ist, selbst zu sein. Zum Begriff der Eigentlichkei“] [1]
      [Jessica Heesen, Christoph Hubig, Oliver Siemoneit, Klaus Wiegerling „Vom Ubiquitous Computing zur Virtualisierung. Zur Philosophie intelligenter Welten“] [1]
      [Klaus Wiegerling „Medienethik als Medienphilosophie“] [1]
      A brief history of new realism [1]
      A Brief Survey of the Fight Against Corruption in the Russian and Ottoman Empire in the First Half of the 19th Century [1]
      A felirat és az eljövendő Egyetemes [1]
      A lájkoló ész kritikája [1]
      A Left „Theocracy" : The Church and the State in Revolutionary Nicaragua [1]
      A megsemmisítés és a várakozás modelljei (A Messiás) [1]
      A mindennapi én Descartes filozófiájában [1]
      A Pandemic, terrified World. An Attempt of a Phenomenological Analysis of the Experience of Reality in a Radically Transitional State [1]
      A Passage to Europe: Serbia and the Refugee Crisis [1]
      A passion for justice : Emotions and the origin of the social contract [1]
      A Philosophical Approach to the “Religion – National Mythology” Synthesis [1]
      A Philosophical Investigation of the Concept of Memory and the Possibility of 'Collective Memory' [1]
      A Pragmatic Critique of the Conception of Everyday Praxis Within Jeffrey Alexander’s Cultural Sociology [1]
      A Question Mark over Education: Introduction into the Aporias of Contemporary Educational Theory and Praxis [1]