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Medical ethics and the future: the case of patient war

dc.creatorKrstić, Predrag
dc.creatorRakić, Vojin
dc.description.abstractНа­ме­ра овог тек­ста је да на при­ме­ру на­уч­но­фан­тастич­не се­ри­је „Зве­зда­не ста­зе” ука­же на не­про­ла­зност оних диле­ма ме­ди­цин­ске ети­ке ко­је и са­вре­ме­ност по­ста­вља пред нас. За­кљу­чу­је се да но­ви на­уч­но­тех­но­ло­шки иза­зо­ви, ко­је ће не­сум­њиво до­не­ти бу­дућ­ност, не ме­ња­ју основ­ну струк­ту­ру би­о­е­тич­ких пи­та­ња и, сто­га, ни по­тен­ци­јал­не од­го­во­ре ко­ји се уоп­ште мо­гу ар­ти­ку­ли­са­ти и ко­хе­рент­но за­сту­па­ти.sr
dc.description.abstractThis article raises the following questions: will the problems that are being addressed by contemporary medical ethics and bioethics change in the time to come and will their current conceptual frameworks become outdated or will imminent technological and social developments pose new challenges that will not have to be answered by the adoption of entirely new ethical concepts? These issues are being addressed on the basis of the materials that are offered to us by the science fiction serial Star Trek, which is taken as representative of the future. Special attention is given to one of its episodes (called Ethics), an episode that appears to test the physician-patient relationship, the conduct of medical research and the use of its results, the right to assisted suicide, as well as other traditions of moral thinking in medicine in the light of their future status. The moral dilemmas of this futuristic story appear strikingly similar to those we face nowadays. Moreover, it is apparently impossible to imagine a different discourse, in spite of the fact that characters and their environment in the story are very different from those we are acquainted with in real life. Hence, it can be concluded that moral problems related to scientific and medical problems from the future, if at all imaginable, are unlikely to differ substantially from the ones we currently know. In other words, new bio-technological developments might only radicalize some ethical questions, but the answers to them and the arguments in favour of their (un)acceptability appear available alreadyen
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Integrated and Interdisciplinary Research (IIR or III)/43007/RS//sr
dc.subjectmedical ethicssr
dc.subjectpatient autonomysr
dc.subjectphysician-assisted suicidesr
dc.subjectStar Treksr
dc.subjectме­ди­цин­ска ети­каsr
dc.subjectау­то­но­ми­ја па­ци­јентаsr
dc.subjectаси­сти­ра­но са­мо­у­би­ствоsr
dc.subjectЗве­зда­не ста­зеsr
dc.titleMedicinska etika i budućnost: slučaj pacijenta Vorfasr
dc.titleMedical ethics and the future: the case of patient waren
dcterms.abstractКрстић, Предраг; Ракић, Војин; Медицинска етика и будућност: случај пацијента Ворфа; Медицинска етика и будућност: случај пацијента Ворфа;

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