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Anti-korupcijska politika u Srbiji – dobrodošli u Potemkinova sela?

dc.contributor.editorJovanov, Rastko
dc.creatorvan Duyne, Petrus C.
dc.description.abstractLaw enforcement in Serbia concerning the offence of corruption is similar to a camera obscura: opacity prevails. This does not instil much trust in the population: surveys carried out by or on behalf of the UN reveal that only politicians and doctors are more distrusted than judges and prosecutors. Corruption is a very underreported offence, as victims have the feeling that the authorities do not care about corruption: why report? An extensive statistical analysis of corruption cases handled by the prosecution and the court showed that the camera obscura metaphor had to be refined: apart from being opaque, the law enforcement institutions behave like a random box. Neither in the prosecution service nor in the courts could a policy be discerned. The outcome of the judicial system in terms of prosecution and sentencing appeared to be statistically at random. A qualitative analysis of the most serious corruption cases demonstrated to what extent these cases occurred in all layers of society. In such cases the government was non-responsive to complaints of its own institutions. Also in other matters the authorities demonstrated a lot of foot dragging. Despite the anti-corruption strategies one may wonder whether the government really cares.eng
dc.format24 1 (2013) 81-118
dc.sourceFilozofija i društvomul
dc.subjectLaw Enforcement in Serbia
dc.subjectsprovođenje zakona u Srbiji
dc.subjectAnti-corruption Strategies
dc.subjectstrategije za borbu protiv korupcije
dc.subjectjavne politike
dc.subjectPublic Policy
dc.titleSerbian Anti-Corruption Policy. Welcome to Potemkin’s Village?eng
dc.titleAnti-korupcijska politika u Srbiji – dobrodošli u Potemkinova sela?srp
dcterms.abstractван Дуyне, Петрус Ц.; Aнти-корупцијска политика у Србији – добродошли у Потемкинова села?;
dc.identifier.fulltext Anti-Corruption Policy Welcome to Potemkin’s Village.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y

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