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Kulturni aspekti skandinavske krize identiteta slučaj Danske – čistota na udaru

dc.contributor.editorMilidrag, Predrag
dc.creatorMøller Sørensen , Tine
dc.description.abstractIn this article I will attempt to show examples of the cultural manifestations of the identity crisis that is currently sweeping over Scandinavia. What is particular about this crisis is that it seems to have struck on most sides of society, while the “Scandinavian model” of the welfare state is slowly crumbling in the wake of the global financial problems. At the center of both this struggle and crisis is the notion of the Homo Scandinavicus; this seems at the same time a threat to existence (by different enemies, depending on one’s stand in the struggle) and contested in its very content. In all Scandinavian countries a so-called “cultural battle” has been articulated and used as heavy artillery when articulating characteristics of either side. It is this battle I will highlight and demonstrate through examples how the “general public” has been taken hostage on this identity battle field. Furthermore, I will give examples of alternative strategies (notably found in the art worlds), and why these have also failed to provide actual functioning alternatives to the leading, rivaling, identity strategies. The nature of this crisis and the ways it manifests itself, are by no means strictly restricted to Scandinavia. Therefore, considerations about manifestations and consequences presents some highly relevant and much more general insights.eng
dc.format23 4 (2012) 238-250
dc.sourceFilozofija i društvomul
dc.subjectidentity strategies
dc.subjectcultural battle
dc.subjectidentity crisis
dc.subjectHomo Scandinavicus
dc.titleCultural Aspects of the Current Scandinavian Identity Crisis; The Case of Denmark – Purity Under Attackeng
dc.titleKulturni aspekti skandinavske krize identiteta slučaj Danske – čistota na udarusrp
dcterms.abstractМøллер Сøренсен , Тине; Културни аспекти скандинавске кризе идентитета случај Данске – чистота на удару;
dc.identifier.fulltext Aspects of the Current Scandinavian Identity Crisis The Case of Denmark – Purity Under Attack.pdf

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