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      Book of abstracts Rosenzweig for Beginners : a very short introduction into the "Star of Redemption" ; Rosenzweig für Anfünger : eine ganz kurze Einführung in den "Stern der Erlösung" / International Scientific Conference, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade, June 4-5 2012 [1]
      Book of Abstracts: 13th International Law and Ethics Conference Series: “What does it mean to win a war? [1]
      Bor Forward >> Zamišljanje budućnosti [1]
      Brief aus Serbien [1]
      But still, it (does not) move. Functional and identity based determinants of European Identity [1]
      By the Rivers of Babylon: Multiculturalism in Vivo in Vojvodina/Vajdaság [1]
      Can Justice be Really Ethically Neutral? Barry on Impartiality and Perfectionism [1]
      Capitalism and Justification [1]
      Center for advanced studies - South East Europe [1]
      Center for Advanced Studies - South East Europe / Booklet [1]
      Charter and Institution [1]
      Che cos’è la polizia? L’istituzione della violenza universale e la violenza dell’universale [1]
      Che cos’è un atto d’impegno? Atti sociali e non-sociali (Husserl e Reinach) [1]
      Che cos’è un atto d’impegno? Husserl e Reinach sul “soggetto di livello superiore” (Noi) e gli atti (non) sociali1 [1]
      Citizenship and belonging in Serbia : in the crossfire of changing nationhood narratives [1]
      Citizenship and belonging in Serbia: in the crossfire of changing nationhood narratives [1]
      Citizenship as lived experience : belonging and documentality after the breakup of Yugoslavia [1]
      Citizenship as social object in the aftermath of the Yugoslav break-up [1]
      Civil Society of the Western Balkans in the Turn of the Millenium [1]
      Collective identity in Serbia today [1]