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      Variants of 'Third Serbia' [1]
      Varijante 'Treće Srbije' [1]
      Vehicles, Contents and Supervenience [1]
      Vers une mystique sans Dieu Retour critique sur Le Phénomène érotique de Jean-Luc Marion [1]
      Views of Europe among Serbian Political and Cultural Elite in late 20th and early 21st Century [1]
      Violence In Social Memory: Intimate beliefs regarding Operation Storm in the Croatian and Serbian publics [1]
      Virtuelni povratal „četvrte“ i „pete“ generacije migranata [1]
      Više od zdravlja [1]
      Vitgenštajn o jeziku i prirodi [1]
      Vivian Liska, German-Jewish Thought and Its Afterlife: A Tenuous Legacy, Bloomington, University of Indiana Press, 2017 [1]
      Volter Kaufman i budućnost humanističkih disciplina [1]
      W(h)ithering Political Phantasms [1]
      Walter Kaufmann and the Future of the Humanities [1]
      Warfare and Group Solidarity: from Ibn Khaldun to Ernest Gellner and Beyond [1]
      Was hat Kant Rousseau zu verdanken? [1]
      We have nothing in common: Rethinking community and the mechanisms of creating a sense of belonging [1]
      Well-being, Capabilities and Philosophical Practice [1]
      Werner Konitzer, David Palme (Hrsg.) »Arbeit«, »Volk«, »Gemeinschaft«. Ethik und Ethiken im Nationalsozialismus, Jahrbuch zur Geschichte und Wirkung des Holocaust, Campus Verlag, Frankfurt a.M./New York, 2016 [1]
      What does it mean to be an alien? Bernhard Waldenfels and politics of responsive interculturalism [1]
      What Is an Architectural Concept? The “Concept” of Deleuze and “Project” of Eisenman [1]