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dc.contributor.editorBojanić, Petar D.
dc.contributor.editorTodorović, Sanja
dc.contributor.editorUniversity of Belgrade, IFDT, CELAP
dc.description.abstractThe latest world economic crisis is sometimes called the debt crisis. If this phrase, debt crisis, can at first glance be understood in the usual manner, as the crisis drags on it begins to acquire another, second, almost unexpected meaning which calls the very debt into question. This calling into question of debt subsequently reminds us that philosophy anticipated the problem at the beginning of the last decade of the previous century: “Man is no longer the prisoner of disciplinarian societies, but the indebted man of societies of control.” This is an opportunity to think about this question of debt, as well as about that which calls it into question.eng
dc.titlePhilosophical and Economic Analysis of Debteng
dcterms.abstractТодоровић, Сања; Бојанић, Петар Д.

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